(art)n Artists: 

Ellen Sandor, Chris Kemp, and Diana Torres


Digital PHSCologram


Duratrans, Kodalith, Plexiglas


Located at the heart of the Xinyi District and towering far above the rest of Taipei, Taiwan, is the Taipei 101. As one of the tallest buildings in the world, the 101 floor skyscraper was designed as a symbol of high ideals in evolution and technology. If 100 is perfection, this structure goes even one beyond that. In line with it's massive height, the building acts as a gateway between the earth and sky and through (art)n's deconstructive process, curled ruyi figures are augmented and extended in space. These ruyi figures are ancient symbols associated with celestial clouds and their presence exemplifies the notion that this tower truly does reach the heights of the heavens.