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SIGgRAPH Moments

(art)n has enjoyed showing in the SIGGRAPH Art Show since 1985-2001. ACM SIGGRAPH celebrated (art)n's aesthetic vision for collaborative visualization in art and science with its sponsorship of the hallmark traveling show, Science in Depth, organized in part by the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This monumental show opened at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and traveled to the Computer Museum in Boston, La Cite Des Arts - Montreal, and the NASA Ames Visitor Center. A final showing was presented at SIGGRAPH 1992 in Chicago and was hung around the perimeter of EVL's first public showing of the VR CAVE.During this seminal period, many women pioneers heralded the digital revolution alongside men that gave birth to the Internet, digital games, PHSColograms, and Virtual Reality–which established SIGGRAPH as a trending professional community for advancing the digital arts.  In this regard, SIGGRAPH was a major gestalt that was early to accept and recognize trailblazing women in art and technology from the Midwest that provided necessary leadership and creative roles that underscored the digital age.  Likewise, post-modern women artists including Cindy Sherman, Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer were first being accepted in the New York City art world. In parallel, the Midwestern pioneers of new media were given their artistic venue by SIGGRAPH.

highlighted SIGgRAPH exhibitions

N-Space, SIGGRAPH 2001 Los Angeles, LA, CA, August 12–17, 2001

SIGGRAPH 2000 Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA, July 23–28, 2000

Envisioning The Future, SIGGRAPH 1999, Los Angeles, CA, August 8–13, 1999

SIGGRAPH Art Show, New Orleans, LA, August 1996

The SIGGRAPH Art and Design Show, SIGGRAPH 94, Orlando, FL, July 25–29, 1994 

Tomorrow's Realities, SIGGRAPH '93, Anaheim, CA, July 31, 1993–August 6, 1993

ACM SIGGRAPH Art Show + Science in Depth, Chicago, IL, July–August 1992

ACM SIGGRAPH '91 Traveling Art Show, Las Vegas, NV, July 1991

ACM SIGGRAPH '90 Traveling Art Show, Dallas, TX, August 1990

ACM SIGGRAPH '89 Traveling Art Show, Boston, MA, July 1989

ACM SIGGRAPH '88 Art Show, Atlanta, GA, August 1988

ACM SIGGRAPH '87 Art Show, Anaheim, CA, July 1987

SIGGRAPH Traveling Exhibition, throughout Japan, 1985–1986

SIGGRAPH '85 Art Show, San Francisco, CA, 1985

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